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If you’re planning a party or special event, you know getting the right information is crucial. At, we specialize...


How to Make Your Balloons Shiny

There are many ways to make your balloons shiny and reflective, adding an extra touch of flair and elegance to...


The Founding of Hi-Float

In 1983, Don and Marjorie Burchette revolutionized the balloon industry with the creation of Hi-Float and Hi-Shine. These innovative products...


Elevate Party with Shiny Balloons

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to add some extra sparkle and shine to your party or...


Shiny Balloons at Baby Showers

Throwing a baby shower party is an exciting time for expectant parents and their loved ones. It’s a chance to...


Shiny Balloons in Graduation Photos

As you prepare to celebrate your hard-earned academic achievements, you may be wondering how to make your graduation photos stand...


Balloon Glow International

Balloon Glow International, LLC is an Oklahoma-based company with a strong presence in global market spaces. The founder, D.W. Greenhoward,...

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